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  • Why not Wood?
    Because Wood is vulnerable to Fire, Water, Termites, Pests and on top of everything, harmful to the environment. As the seasons change, the wood contracts and expands resulting in loosening of hardware creating inconveniences in utility.
  • But why STEEL?
    Because unlike Wood, STEEL is Fire Retardant, Water Proof, Termite Proof, Easy to Maintain and Environmentally Responsible.
  • How is STEEL fire retardant?
    Steel doesn't catch fire easily. Further, steel retains all of its strength upto 700ºF and requires 2500ºF to melt. Such temperature can be reached only after a long continuous fire for hours. Generally fires are put off much before reaching such temperatures. Whereas wood catches fire immediately and acts as a fuel to propel the fire.
  • But will STEEL rust when coming in contact with water?
    Steel has different grades. We use Grade 304 steel which is "Food Grade" and provides most hygienic surface to cook with. Grade 304 is water proof and doesn't get any rust. You can even wipe them clean with water without any issues.
  • And what about termites and pests?
    Unlike wood which is the most natural habitat for termites, steel is absolutely Termite & Pest proof. When it comes to hygiene, nothing can even compete with steel.
    Glanz provides assured 30% buyback on all of its products. Just share the invoice and get 30% of what you paid any time. No questions asked.
    Glanz provide Lifetime Warranty on all of its products. The term lifetime refers to a general life cycle of a product, in case of kitchens it will be 15 years.
  • What is MAKEOVER option?
    Glanz provide a never seen never heard before option to give a complete MAKEOVER to kitchens, wardrobes and vanities where you can get the Front Shutters redone in finish of your choice, and that too completely FREE!
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